RFID in the Supply Chain

The [smart, intelligent, indisputable] business case for managing your supply chain with Clarity™

Clarity vs. the bar code

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Comparison of traditional inventory management system vs. Clarity Inventory™

Clarity vs. Bar Code

Why RFID Matters in the Supply Chain

Radio Frequency Identification is a technology—but you aren't here for a technology; you're here to improve your business.

Visibility, transparency, flexibility, agility. These are the buzzwords used to describe today's leading enterprises, and in a world of rapid change, pursuing even fleeting strategic advantage is not a matter of choice—it is a matter of survival.

Clarity Inventory™ gives you the ability to see your entire supply chain, end-to-end, with greater precision and granularity than ever before - driving better insights, analytics, and decision making. The benefits are obvious, significant, and accrue quickly. If you don't capture them, your competitors will.

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Enabling True Omni-channel

The benefits of better inventory management are intuitive to most retail managers and brand owners. Being able to track every single item produced from source to store reduces costly waste.

But even more than that, understanding your inventory—the fundamental building block of how your company makes money—enables the flexibility and agility to better serve customers that increasingly expect to purchase what they want, when they want it, through any combination of potential channels.

Take, for example, inventory cycle counts. Conducting these counts at a higher frequency gives you the agility to react to volatile demand, to take fewer markdowns, and to implement a true omni-channel strategy that comes only through being able to flex your supply chain to fulfill orders near-instantaneously depending on where the order was placed.

Improved Inventory Accuracy

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of managing inventory with Clarity™ RFID technology is improved inventory accuracy. Overstock leads to costly mark-downs, putting pressure on margins that, in the branded apparel industry in particular, are often razor-thin to begin with.

Out-of-stocks are equally costly in terms of lost sales and the frustration felt by customers toward your retailers when they cannot find the item they were looking for.

The greater inventory accuracy afforded by RFID can be used to inform production decisions, driving leaner supply chains, better JIT forecasting, and ultimately reducing working capital for better cash management.

With real-world experience showing inventory skew as high as 20%, brand owners and suppliers in aggregate are leaving billions of dollars on the table.

Operate With Greater Efficiency

Traditionally, shipping and receiving audits were limited to one in one-hundred or even one in one-thousand because of the bottleneck created by high sampling rates. With Clarity Inventory™ for supply chain, this is no longer the case.

Every item leaving your loading dock or entering the receiving dock can be verified, driving quick and easy discrepancy resolution and reducing shrink. If you're a small-to-mid-size brand owner or manufacturer, this confidence could be the equalizer in winning the business of brands and retailers who highly value reliable, accurate delivery.

Using an array of fixed readers, you can achieve a 100% sampling rate in less time and with less labor than today's manual sampling processes. With fewer shipping and receiving errors, greater transparency, and more efficient and reliable product transfer, the trust, reputation, and brand of your business is enhanced.

The Benefits of Clarity™

Clarity Inventory™ was designed specifically with end-to-end supply chain use in mind. It isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; although highly flexible and customizable, SML IIS is committed to serving brand owners and retailers first. Implementation is simple and efficient, and Clarity Inventory™ quickly integrates with your existing SCM platform to drive better, timelier insights than previously possible.

The SML IIS team prides itself on helping customers smoothly transition to an RFID-based supply chain management system. We offer unique, end-to-end solution bundles and service packages that help you save money while capturing real, tangible benefits.

If you want to become a Supply Chain Champion within your organization and do something with a fast (often under a year) payback that moves the needle on the top and bottom line, drop us a line and we'll be happy to help you work through your specific business case and needs.

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