Easily deployed and massively scalable from one to hundreds of handhelds, leverage the power of cloud computing to drive real-time, granular inventory-related business intelligence

Clarity Inventory™ provides fast and easy inventory management improvements vs. bar coding, which offers mediocre results.

The value of Clarity Inventory™ is gained through increased efficiencies at individual stores and across retail chains of any size. Clarity Inventory™ simplifies and expedites inventory management from supplier to store, and store by store.

It offers:

  • Item-level detail, RFID-tagged items that validate incoming inventory, transfers and more
  • Extreme precision that ensures a real inventory count
  • An optional reduced RFID technology footprint that requires only handheld terminals loaded with the Clarity Inventory™ application, a wireless Internet connection and web browser
  • Full, detailed inventory reports - store level and across the entire retail chain
  • Ease of installation and deployment, per store and chainwide

Clarity Inventory™ Inventory also provides:

  • Customer ERP integration
  • Supports on-premise and Microsoft Azure Cloud central-server delivery options
  • Central multi-site management and control
  • Configurable Product Catalog - components that allow configurations that work in retail and in other industries using specific inventory schema
  • Configurable site and location nesting
  • Web reporting exports using various formats
  • User management
  • Inventory cycle count by site and location
  • Receiving at site and location
  • Shipment verification and transfers
  • Item-level search and find
  • Inventory clear by site and location